CNC Routing, CNC Cutting, Spraying and Finishing

CNC Cutting and Wood Machining Services

We have three CNC routers together with machinery for the planning, cutting and machining of both MDF and wood to your specification.

Our wood machinists have many years experience in manufacturing wooden products and the CNC cutting of plastics and acrylics.

MDF machining, wood machining, plastic machining, whatever your machining requirement may be, please call or email us.

Your idea : Your product.

We will be happy to assist you.

CNC Routing, CNC cutting, Spraying and Finishing

Our skilled craftsmen use our wide range of equipment to cut Wood, MDF, Plastics and Acrylics. We have a reputation for quality and reliability as a provider of CNC cutting and routing services.

In addition to our CNC wood working facilities we are able to give your product a high quality finish. We have wood staining and finishing expertise with spraying facilities for both paints and lacquers.